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FOSS4G-India 2013, is the First in a series of National Conferences on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) that are planned to be held every year with a mission to foster the development and promote the widespread use of Open Source Geospatial Technologies including support for software development and publicly available Geo-data. The proposed theme of the Conference is "Open Source Geospatial Resources to Spearhead Development and Growth".

It will be held on 25-27 Oct 2012, organised jointly by OSGeo-India and IIIT, Hyderabad.

Open Source Geospatial tools are not just driving the use of the feature rich tools but also propelling the development of new and applied technologies for the use of the Geospatial technology in a range of fields - from agriculture, forestry to sustainable use of resources; from disaster management to urban planning; from location based services on web and mobile/tablet platforms to many e-governance initiatives. The access to FOSS4G tools and its cost advantages have contributed to the immense growth of Geoinformatics This conference, is expected to become a platform for India and its neighbourhood to bring together the developers and users of FOSS4G tools - academicians, researchers,technologists,companies and entrepreneurs to share, discuss and collaborate towards faster adoption and use of the geospatial tools across the country/region.



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