Hands-on Workshop

A range of hands on workshops to help familiarize specific FOSS4G tools are being organised on 27th Oct 2012, soon after the First National FOSS4G Conference at Hyderabad. It is expected that this will allow Participants to learn and see for themselves the potential of free software tools in their respective areas of thematic interest.

As there are limited seats for each workshop, Interested participants have to register for their choice of workshops on the registration page.

Pre-requisite: All Workshop particpants have to bring a Laptop computer with a DVD drive.

Here is a list/description of the workshops planned. A few more may be added soon.


Full-Day Workshops

WF1: OpenGeoSuite

WF2: Raster Anaysis with GRASS

WF3: Geospatial Data Generation through Crowd Sourcing

Half-Day Workshops

WH1: OpenJUMP FOSS GIS Demistified

WH2: Image Processing with ILWIS

WH3: Quantum GIS

WH4: Using GDAL - Geospatial Library


Details regarding the Workshops

WF1:  OpenGeo Suite

Conducted by:   Santosh Gaikwad (PRADHAN, Bhopal) and Dr.Harish Karnatak(IIRS, Dehradun)

Description:  The participants will learn about all the components of the OpenGeo Suite  such as PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, GeoExplorer and OpenLayers and their uses.  In this participants will learn setting up OpenGeo Suite, the Webh-GIS stack, loading and publishing the data, styling the maps, building simple map applications. This will be a great course for those who wants to enter in the field of Web-GIS.

Requirement: Participants should have basic familiarity with basic GIS concepts.

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WF2:  Raster Anaysis with GRASS

Conducted by:   Dr. Ravi Bhalla ( FERAL)

GRASS is a versatile GIS package with a modular structure that lends itself to contributions from users. It is among the oldest GIS software, first built by the US Corps of Engineering in 1982, its objectives were to fill in gaps of such applications in the market. Since then, it has been turned over to the Open Source community and is now a leading project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. Since version 6, GRASS has shifted to a new graphical user interface and now works across platforms.
This full day workshop will introduce GRASS to a beginner. It will cover some  theoretical topics such as projections, basics of vector and raster GIS, but will largely be hands on. Data will be provided to the participants courtesy of the Western Ghats Portal <http://www.thewesternghats.in> and exercises will include the following:

  1. Creating a new location and mapset.
  2. Setting regions or computational extents and resolutions.
  3. Import of vector and raster datasets.
  4. Getting familiar with layers and the layer manager.
  5. Running some simple vector and raster operations.
  6. Derivation of data from DEM maps using various terrain analysis features.
  7. Using the raster calculator in GRASS to construct:
    1. NDVI images.
    2. MASKS.
    3. IF-THEN statements.
  8. Using the cartographic composer to create printable maps in GRASS.

To attend the workshop, you must have a computer pre-installed with GRASS. The package can be downloaded from the OSGEO site. We will NOT have time to help with local installations as this eats up into the day. We may run an installation session prior to the workshop if found necessary.

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WF3:  Geospatial Data Generation through Crowd Sourcing

Conducted by:   Prof. H S Rai (GNDEC, Ludhiana)

Description:  All GIS professionals need Geospatial data to work with. They are well aware that data is highly valuable and to get good data is difficult and costly also. There are a lot of free maps on the Internet, but they are only free to view, not to use the data for an application. By contrast, OpenStreetMap makes it possible to use freely the map and all its data. The data is released under a free license. So we all get data of whole world to use it to work on that. OpeStreetMap used Crowd Source model to generate data. In this workshop, participants will be given taught how to generate data and enhance the value of already generated data.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a project that is building a free map of the whole world. Thousands of members are teamed to create an accurate, detailed and up-to-date map that is as good or better than commercial products. Like Wikipedia OpenStreetMap benefits from the ongoing input of thousands of people around the world.

Requirement - Optional: Handheld GPS devices or Smartphone with GPS

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WH1:  OpenJUMP FOSS GIS Demistified

Conducted by:   V.Ravi Kumar(ex-Director GSI), P.K.Sinha and B.K.Sahoo(GSI, Hyderabad)

Description:  The workshop will cover Introduction to FOSS GIS, Raster to Vector creation - digitisation, Shape  file handling and laout with attribution, Projection using PostGIS.

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WH2:  Image Processing with ILWIS

Conducted by:   Dr. P Ramachandra Prasad (IIIT-H)

Description: In this workshop, various image enhancement operations like filtering, stretching etc, simple method of geometric corrections / map georeferencing, digital image classification using different algorithms of unsupervised and supervised techniques, producing ratio images etc., will be covered. Time permitting, 3D visualization will be demonstrated.

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WH3:  Quantum GIS

Conducted by:   Kumaran Narayanaswamy and Saravanan Karuppasamy (kCube Consulting, Chennai)


Description: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become a tool with widespread use in developmental applications.  The power of a GIS can have a positive influence in community based planning and scientific decision making  for developmental activities.  However, the life-cycle cost of commercial GIS packages and the ever changing hardware requirements to support these packages make the economics of implementation difficult. Until recently open-source GIS packages did not have the capabilities and user friendliness  of commercial packages.  Recent developments by the open-source community has  resulted in the development of Quantum GIS which is totally free with high quality GIS features. This workshop in Quantum GIS is organized to introduce GIS users to the powerful features of this open source package.

About kCube Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. : kCube Consulting established its roots on the year 2006 as a global IT services and consulting company. We offer business  and  technology  solutions  across  industry verticals adopting best-in-class standards and procedures. Our services include training , data creation, consulting and software development.  For more information visit www.kcubeconsulting.com


Additional Requirements: Prior Knowledge in GIS software essential. Open Source Knowledge preferred. 

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WH4:  Using GDAL - Geospatial Library

Conducted by:   Chaitanya Kumar CH. (OSGeo-India, Hyderabad)

Description: GDAL library is most likely the most used GIS software library. Usually it is used through other software tool.In this workshop, participants are shown how to get the details of their spatial data, translate it to other formats and convert it's projection. It will also include some data analysis and visualization on DEM data including hillshading, colour relief maps and elevation contours. All the operations are done at the command line. The results can be seen by any tool like QuantumGIS.

Participants can contact email chaitanya.ch [at] gmail dot com prior to the workshop if they want their data used in this workshop

Additional Requirements: Participants should have familiarity with basic GIS concepts like projections and elevation.

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