List of Accepted Papers

Here is the list all papers which were presented during the FOSS4G-India 2012.
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Paper Title & Authors



Title: The importance of Open Source Geospatial Labs in

developing countries


Authors: Suchith Anand

Keywords: Open Source GIS, GIS courses, Geospatial research


Title: Free Geomatics Resources: Potential and Prospects for Education and Training in Geospatial Science in India


Authors: B.K.Sahu, L.P.Singh

Keywords: Geospatial Education, FOSS, Geomatics, ILWIS, OpenJump, GRASS


Title: GRASS with R: An Introductory Tutorial to Open Source GIS & Statistical Computing Software for Geospatial Analysis


Authors: Anindita Dasgupta, Uttam Kumar and T. V. Ramachandra

Keywords: foss; GRASS; R statistical Software; geo-statistics; open source


Title: LSIViewer: An online viewer for spatial vector data


Authors: Mohammed Rashad K.M, Dr K.S Rajan

Keywords: component; GIS,Web, GDAL, Wt., Vector Rendering, Map Viewer, Styling Vector Maps


Title: An experimental e-infrastructure development for Geospatial Applications using Grid–Cloud interfaces of GARUDA


Authors: Manavalan, Vipul Borikar, Subrata Chattopadhyay, Sridharan, Mangala, Sarat Chandra Babu

Keywords: Computing, Grid, Cloud, Geospatial


Title: Mobile device based applications development in NRSC using open source solutions


Authors: Neelu Sharma, VV Sarath Kumar, A lesslie, Vinod Sharma, Reedhi Shukla, Sampath Kumar, M Arul Raj, PV Vinod , KM Jayesh Kumar, Saurav Gangwar, M.V Ravi Kumar

Keywords: Not Available


Title: PyOSSIM: Python bindings for OSSIM


Authors: Vipul Raheja, Massimo Di Stefano

Keywords: GIS; Remote Sensing; Open Source; Python; wrapper; OSSIM


Title: Cost effective mapping, monitoring and visualisation of spatial patterns of urbanization using FOSS


Authors: Bharath Setturu, Bharath H Aithal, Rajan K.S and Ramachandra T.V

Keywords: GRASS, Urban, FOSS, Remote sensing, Landscape metrics.


Title: Spatial Pattern analysis of two urbanising Tier II

cities in Karnataka using open source GIS - GRASS


Authors: harath H Aithal and Ramachandra T.V

Keywords: Urban Sprawl; Karnataka; Grass; Remote sensing; Landscape Metrics; Mysore; Shimoga.


Title: Urban Footprint Analysis using FOSS


Authors: Ramachandra T.V and Sowmyashree M.V

Keywords: Urban footprint, land use dynamics, spatial metrics, FOSS


Title: Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms based Free and Open Source Packages for Landsat ETM+ Data Classification


Authors: Uttam Kumar, Anindita Dasgupta, Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay and T.V. Ramachandra

Keywords: FOSS; machine learning; Landsat ETM+; classification


Title: Geospatial Data Abstraction Library History, Features and Significance


Authors: Chaitanya Kumar CH, Frank Warmerdam

Keywords: gdal; open source; portability; multi-platform; translation; GIS; data; software library; API


Title: Real time climate monitoring Using OPEN SOURCE development board: ARDUINO


Authors: Shantanu Sharma, Saurabh Shandilya

Keywords: Gas Sensors, GSM, Arduino, Internet modem, Beagleboard, GPS, Pollution, Wireless Communications.


Title: Object Based Image Analysis Tools for Opticks


Authors: Mohit Kumar, K.S. Rajan, Adkins, Dustan

Keywords: Object based image analysis; feature extraction; classification; change detection





Keywords: ARM, Ubuntu, Linux, QGIS, QT , Beagleboard-XM


Title: An experience with ILWIS in connection with National Geochemical Mapping by Geological Survey of India


Authors: S. Ramamurthy, Drishya

Keywords: ngcm, gis, ilwis, srtm dem, irs-1d imagery, foss, dem hydroprocessing, raster and vector processing, map making.


Title: Seamless ‘50K’Geological Map layers of South India using OpenJUMP & POSTGIS


Authors: Praveen Kumar Sinha, Shyamali Bandyopadhyay

Keywords: Geology, Systematic Geological Maps ,Map 50K Conversion, Capture, FOSS-GIS, OpenJUMP, PostGIS,


Title: Mapping Hydrocarbon Bearing Zones and Resources of Adjoining Areas Using FOSS4G


Authors: Nipun Porwal

Keywords: Open Source GIS software; QGIS; Google layer plugin; PostgreSQL-PostGIS


Title: Free Geomatics Resources for Terrain Evaluation and Land Resource Assessment: a Case Study in Eastern Ghats Province of Southwestern Odisha, India


Authors: Bijay Kumar Sahu

Keywords: Geomatics, SRTM DEM, Landst ETM+, Morphometry, Eastern Ghats


Title: Web Enabled GIS towards e-Governance :

Open Source Software initiatives in Tamil Nadu


Authors: Mahalakshmi Narayanan, A.Mohan, M Manivannan and P Krishna Prasad

Keywords: MN MapServer, GeoServer, PostGIS, GeoSpatial Web Services, Styled Layer Descriptor, Spatial Queries, Accident Analysis, Traffic Analysis, Shortest Routes, Outage map


Title: Urban crime mapping and analysis using open source GIS tools: A case study from Rajahmundry municipal area, Andhra Pradesh, India


Authors: D. V. S. Sarma, K. V. Swamy, V. Ravi Kumar

Keywords: crime mapping; crime types; analysis; geographic information system


Title: GIS Based Grievance Redressal - Empowering the citizens through the power of GIS



Keywords: GIS based grievance redressal, fusion tables, digital data collection , e – governance


Title: Slums in Municipal Corporation of Rajahmundry with respect to public amenities: A preliminary study using Open source GIS tools


Authors: M.Ajay Kumar, K.V.Swamy, V. Ravi Kumar

Keywords: slums; public amenities; urban primary health centres


Title: Geospatial data analysis using FOSS4G - A case study for time series climatic data analysis using MapWindow


Authors: Kamal Pandey, D.Giribabu

Keywords: component; FOSS, metrological, climate, temperature, rainfall, graphs


Title: Satellite Altimeter Waveform Data Retracking for Inland Waterbody Heights using GNU Octave


Authors: M. Rama Dasum, Hemangini Parmar, Dr. V.K Dadhwal, Dr. K. Venugopala Rao,

Keywords: Open Source;Satellite altimetry;Retracking


Title: TIDER: Framework for Tidal Prediction Using R


Authors: Azmi S*, Apte M, Agarwadkar Y Y, Inamdar A B

Keywords: Tide, R, framework, tidal prediction, parallel computing, knowledge-base, cross-platform


Title: Development of Geoweb application using Open Source Technology: An innovative approach for disaster mitigation and management


Authors: Harish Karnatak, Reedhi Shukla, Hariom Singh, Sameer Saran

Keywords: Internet GIS, Open Source GIS, web services,LULC, vector based Geo-processing


Title: Online updation of City Master Plan using ISRO Bhuvan Services and open source software in web browser environment


Authors: Harish Karnatak, Reedhi Shukla, Sampath Kumar P, V. Raghavaswamy, Y.V.N. Krishnmurthy

Keywords: Open source GIS, online mapping, map editing, City Master Plan, Urban Planning


Title: Thematic Data Dissemination on Bhuvan Gateway to Indian Earth Observation


Authors: Sonal Aggarwal, Naresh N, Syed Shadab, Kalyan Deep K, Arulraj M and Harish C

Keywords: Bhuvan; Thematic Datasets; Geoserver; Postgres; PostGIS; WMS; WMTS; Query; Interoperability


Title: Open Source Geospatial Technology tools in Ecology and Conservation


Authors: Dr S Narendra Prasad, Santosh Gaikwad Pradhan, Bhopal

Keywords: component; formatting; style; styling; insert


Title: Geo-web application for greening India: an open source technology development


Authors: Sampath Kumar P, Reedhi Shukla, Harish Karnatak, C S Jha,

Keywords: greening India, open source GIS, geoweb, OGC web services and Geo-RDBMS


Title: Crop Information Retrieval System using Open Source Tools


Authors: V Jain, C Patnaik, M Chakraborty

Keywords: Postgres, PostGIS, raster, vector, crops, alarm zones, information retrieval


Title: Biodiversity Metadata Catalogue Repository to access spatial datasets using Geonetwork Open Source


Authors: Sameer Saran, PLN Raju, Hariom Singh, Y.V.N Krishna Murthy

Keywords: metadata, interoperability, NNRMS, OGC WMS


Title: Role of Harary index in forest patch connectivity using Conefor Sensinode 2.2: A case study in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India


Authors: Shanthala Devi B S, Dr M S R Murthy, Bijan Debnath, Dr C S Jha

Keywords: ConeforSensinode 2.2 (CS22), Harary Index, Connectivity, Node Importance Value