List of Accepted Papers

As part of the Conference and to provide for wide-ranging discussions on a range of thematic areas, parallel sessions are planned during the two days.

Papers are invited in areas covering, but not limited to, the following:

§  FOSS Roots, philosophy, open standards, open data, copyrights and others

§  FOSS technology which includes development of new tools, customization, databases, language localization, coding and improvements to existing tools

§  Use of FOSS4G in applications like forestry, agriculture, ecological sciences, conservation, environment, geology, soil sciences , rural and urban development, water resources, coastal and marine, disaster management, education and e-governance,

§  FOSS4G that includes desktop, web and mobile GIS, Capacity building, and societal use like Village/ Panchayat GIS



Papers have to be submitted as A4size PDF documents only.

Papers should follow the standard template, as given below.

Papers should be a minimum of 3 pages and not be more than 6 pages including Figures, tables, references and all necessary components.

Click and download the appropriate template.

      1. ODT_Template (for OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc)

      2. RTF_Template (for MS Word and others)

      3. Sample PDF Output



      Please use the Paper Submission Portal for Uploading PDF file.

     Link for Paper submission portal is