Main Features

The goal of the project is to  visualize water level rise of an urban area over time. It would help in viewing the dynamic change of water levels over space and time of the area of interest. It makes use of the color gradient schema helping in easy understanding of water depths.

It provides a time slider, which would help in easy transition over time during the flooding scenario. It provides tools for querying water depth at various locations in time and supports plotting graphs of water depths and comparing them among each other.

It supports a basic  functionality of rendering buildings from the LOD2 cityGML data for creating the urban scenario.

For the visualization of the urban scenario, a user needs to run the hydrological simulation to generate time-step depth maps. A GRASS module r.sim.water , can be used to generate such a data, which simulates the overland hydrological flow. The tool provides an export elevation option, which can be used as an input to such simulation systems.

The tool uses this data-set as input, and the time interval of the simulation and generates a time controller interactive dynamic visualization of its data.

Further features like querying for depth values over time and graphs comparing different areas depth values.


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