Kishore Kshirsagar
Dual Degree (Btech & MS by Research) in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Areas of Interest:Network Planning, Mobile Communications, Signal Processing, Probability Theory




My current area of interest is designing network architecture for the 4G mobile communciation systems. The current network architectures for the 3G UMTS as well as the "3.5G" LTE may not be able to suitably handle the traffic expected of new generation 4G systems, not only due to the increased number of data (multimedia, etc.) transactions, which will affect the health of the system, but also the bandwidth that will be occupied by these transactions. Cellular Network Planning has generally consisted of 3 stages - Core Network Planning, RNC Planning and Cell Planning. My work focuses mainly on RNC-Base Station Planning also called as the Radio Access Network Planning. Coming up with an intelligent architecture that can handle Provider and Subscriber end requests is the aim of my work.