Sravanthi K
Dual Degree (Btech & MS by research) in Computer Science Engineering

Areas of Interest:Spatio-Temporal Data Mining, Pattern Recognition



The area of my research is spatio-temporal mining with main focus on climatic and environmental data. The work includes assessing the utility of the standard spatial data mining techniques to extract significant patterns from such data. We aim at developing better techniques than the existing which in turn can enhance models that are used to predict behavior/occurrence of events by analyzing the outcomes of these assessments. The current work has shown that a well know spatial autocorrelation measure, Moran Index, is incapable of detecting co-occurrence of drought events in India indicating the need to develop new indices and techniques in future.


"Mining Spatial Co-occurrence of Drought Events from Climate data of India”, 2nd IEEE ICDM Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Climate Data - Predictions, Extremes and Impacts, Sydney,14th-17th December,2010

“Wheels of Web-Visual User Interface" in Advanced Visual Interfaces International Working Conference (AVI), Rome, 25th – 29th May, 2010