Teaching Programmes

Under-graduate Programmes

  1. B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
    Spatial Informatics Stream is offered as part of the Honours program for B.Tech students.

Post-graduate Programmes

  1. MS in Computer Science and Engineering
    MS students at this Research Lab focus on developing new techniques, algorithms and work on modelling & simulation of larger systems, with an eye to its utility and applicability.
  2. Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering
    Computer Science students can opt for Ph.D in CSE or Spatial Informatics. For the former, students will be governed by the PhD in CSE program guidelines. These students are expected to focus more on the Computer Science side of Spatial Informatics research.
  3. Ph.D in Spatial Informatics
    PhD in Spatial Informatics is aimed at promoting research in the areas of GeoSpatial technologies (Remote Sensing and GIS) and its related areas. The program provides opportunities for students to work in GISystem and GIScience related research, new methodologies and algorithm development for Remote Sensing and GIS technologies and in all related application domain areas. It is OPEN to students with background in any engineering field (including Compute Science and Engineering) as well as from Natural, Social/Humanities and Environmental Sciences (incld. Agriculture, forestry, geography, urban planning). A masters degree is required.