Major Funded Projects

  1. Determination of Relative State of Aircraft for Airport Surface Indications & Alerting (SURF-IA) (2009-2010) (Rockwell Collins Inc (RCI))
  2. Second National Communication (NATCOM) on inventory of Green House Gases National Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF)
    Assessment using satellite data. (2009-2011) (National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India )
  3. Research on Parallel computing applications on Geo-visualization and open source geospatial libraries (2008-2011) (IBM Shared University Research award to IIIT-H)
  4. ENVIS Common Service Platform a prototype demo system (2008-2008) (Min. of Environment and Forestry, Govt. of India)
  5. Agricultural Land Use in East and South Asia - Rapidly Changing Landscapes and its Impacts on Regional Food Security (2005-2008) (Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change (APN))
  6. DREAMAR: Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: Household Resilience and Change. Decision-making in Rangeland systems: an integrated Ecosystem-Agent-based Modeling Approach (2005-2008) (NSF(USA) )