Naveen Panwar
B. Tech. + M.S. by research in Computer Science
Currently in IV Year (8th Semester)

Areas of Interest: Multiagent System, Digital Image Processing, Spatial Informatics, Web/Application Development

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To attain a dynamic and challenging platform, which will offer me the best opportunity to do research in area of Computer Science where I can utilize my skills and further develop my abilities to significantly contribute to the field.


Title: Spatially Explicit Modeling of Road Traffic Using MAS(Monsson-2012)
Guide: Dr. K. S. Rajan
Description: Traffic is complex real world system problem. It is hard to simulate traffic's distributed entities with a centralized approach. So our goal is design a Multi agents system framework for a road traffic system, which will help understand the traffic flows based on a range of interactions between the road network, spatio-temporal patterns of the traffic flow, and driver behavior.
Keywords: City Traffic, Agent based Modeling, Behavioral Analysis.
Remark: Proposed model exhibited in R&D showcase - 2013, IIIT-H.

Title: VRGeo SMS Tool (Spring-2012)
Guide: Dr. K. S. Rajan
Description: VRGeo is pronounced as "we-are-geo" and stands for Village Resources Geo-database.VRGeo is a collaborative Mapping platform for creating a village resources database by the users of such data. It is unique in allowing a user to seek the assistance of any existing WMS geo-data of the region (loaded as a base layer) and create additional data over and above that. Current implementation supports Google Maps and Open Street Maps as base layers.
Platform: PHP, Java Script, AJAX, Google Maps API.
Project Link:
VRGeo - A collaborative Mapping platform
Remark: It is an Open Source project which is released by the LSI Lab.

Title: Schema Populator (Monsoon-2010)
Guide: Dr. Kamalakar Karlapalem
Title: Schema Populator (Monsoon-2010)
Guide: Dr. Kamalakar Karlapalem
Description: Built a system which given a schema with well-defined attributes and training samples would automatically populate the schema by searching/crawling Internet using standard search engine and extracting contextual patterns for the input samples. These patterns are used to learn more instances and the process runs in an iterative manner to populate the schema.
Platform: Java, Netbeans
Remark: Exhibited in R&D showcase - 2011, IIIT-H

Title: Stenography of a Speech Signal into an Image (Monsoon-2011)
Guide: Dr. Jayanthi Sivaswamy
Description: The aim of this project is that hide a speech signal or audio file into an image in such a way there are no major change between original image and encrypted image.
Platform: Matlab
Remark: Exhibited in R&D showcase - 2012, IIIT-H